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Easy Social Media Sharing

Amazing Features

Highlight your products, showcase your stunning photos and embed videos all on one easy to view card.

Relationship Management

Amazing Features

Anywhere you can post a web URL, you can post and share your digital card (BiiCard).

Quickly Find and Connect

Amazing Features

Add your most important contact information into your CRM system with just a tap away.

Mobile Ready

Amazing Features

See exactly who viewed your Digital Card and get notified when they view it.


Amazing Features

Track how much time someone spends on your branded digital card and where they clicked.

Virtually Share

Amazing Features

Optimize your messaging and share your card as easily as a text, email, or web URL.

Your Business Cards Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

Be Remarkable Cards are an efficient alternative to traditional paper business cards, they are electronic business cards that can be easily shared through email, text, social media, NFC technology, or QR codes.

No additional app or installation is required.


Tap & Go (NFC) devices make sharing your digital business cards (Vcards) incredibly easy.

  • Be Remarkable Vcard links function in the cloud, so supporters never have to download anything.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying physical business cards. Your Be Remarkable Cards provide a sleek and professional way for your team of supporters and donors to share and manage their contact information effortlessly with just a few clicks
Tap & Go NFC tags (a small sticker that you attach to any object) are great for retail locations and public spaces.

Best of all the information you want to share: events, donation requests, and of course, contact information can all be easily updated when linked to your digital business card.

It’s not complicated, you can instantly share your customized digital business (Vcard) links, eliminating the hassle of traditional physical cards.

  • They work on Windows, Mac, as well as Android and Apple mobile devices.
  • Embedded QR Codes also make sharing information a breeze.


Leverage Our First-of-its-Kind A.I. Staffing Technology

Scale impact with powerful collaboration, Optimized  high-preforming brainstorming that is 100% personalized experiences

  • Conversations are made similar to Siri or Alexa, using a variety of languages, and you can request content creation as often as you’d like.
  • A.I. Staff is free for the first year, enabling you to tap into valuable knowledge without needing to invest resources in hiring and training additional teams.

Moving at the speed of culture, with new ways to empower the moment.

We believe remarkable people will help solve many of the world’s greatest challenges.

We support strategic relationships with organizations that are deeply rooted in social innovation, casting a wide net of social impact investments & environmental possibilities.

The Be Remarkable Group is a multi-stakeholder community, sharing a commitment to help shape the new global future, an advocate for social entrepreneurship, impact investments, and social innovation, and a supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We help you keep your promises

Support for people and the planet

Be Remarkable Cards function as funding, marketing, and media distribution mechanisms to service the causes and projects you care about and already support.

Leaders build communities, not just profits

Our objective is to support visionary social innovators and philanthropists addressing the most pressing issues of our time with deep impact that affects us all.

Imagine, your own branded digital business card platform.

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What makes you different is also what makes you better.

Start with free and get your Tap & Go devices.

Be Sensitive to yourself, our environment, and each other.

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At Be Remarkable Group, we contribute 5% of our revenue to carbon removal.  Learn More



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