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Pain Point

Paper-based cards are not eco-friendly and need to be reprinted every time you want to make an edit.

Limited space in paper-based cards means you can just include a handful of information without cluttering your card.

Paper-based business cards get thrown away or lost. Collecting and saving contact info from paper cards is inefficient.

You can’t track engagement with paper-based business cards.

You need to manually enter your leads into your CRM and marketing automation tool that connects with you via your paper-based card.

Solution / Example

Digital business cards can be edited whenever you want, saving you reprinting costs.

Be Remarkable Uniqode’s digital business cards can have multiple links to your online stores, social media platforms, videos, articles, etc.

Be Remarkable Uniqode’s digital business cards have 2-way contact sharing features that let users automatically add contact details to their Apple or Google wallet with just a click.

Be Remarkable Uniqode’s digital business cards are trackable. You can analyze card usage and interactions and measure the ROI of your networking efforts.

Be Remarkable Digital Business Cards are a smart alternative to traditional paper cards.

Did you know that 10 million paper cards are printed yearly in the U.S. alone and 88% of them are lost or discarded in the first week? 

Over 30,000 marketers use Be Remarkable Cards (Uniqode) to power digital worlds from physical commerce.

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Be Remarkable Uniqode’s DBC supports integration with multiple CRM and marketing automation tools, allowing automated lead sync and follow-up. 

Re-engaging with leads with whom you’ve shared a paper business card is difficult unless they reach out to you.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Go green with digital business cards and network responsibly. No app needed. Get started now

Leaders build communities, not just profits

The Be Remarkable Group supports visionary innovators and leaders addressing the most pressing issues of our time with deep impact that affects us all.

Be Remarkable Group members support strategic relationships with organizations that are deeply rooted in social innovation, casting a wide net of social impact investments & environmental possibilities.