Grow your supporter and customer base instantly with videos, websites, and social media links.


Increase revenues with a branded digital cards.

Be Remarkable Cards

Be Remarkable Digital Business Cards

What is a Be Remarkable Digital Card?

(Driving human connections in a evolving digital world.)

Be Remarkable Cards are contact-free, paperless business cards you can share with anyone, anywhere, all the time.

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Did you know that 88% of paper business cards that are handed out are thrown away in the first week?

Did you know 10 Billion business cards are printed yearly in the U.S. alone?  You’re right, that is a pretty astounding statistic, a frightening amount of waste.

With a Be Remarkable Card you can create campaigns and capture new leads seamlessly. Captivate your audience – Highlight your products, showcase your stunning photos and embed your videos all on one easy to view card.

BeRemarkable Cards function like mobile landing pages for your brand, that are ideal for advertising, marketing and promotion. This means anywhere you can post and share a web URL, you can post and share your digital card.


A Be Remarkable Digital Card is an innovative, sustainable and safe way to effortlessly nurture relationships and build efficiencies.

Mobile Ready

Grow your projects with follow-up and analytics to optimize your relationships.

Amazing Features

See exactly who viewed your BiiCard and get notified when they viewed it.

Custom Branding

Use one of our templates or our team will create a template for your brand!

Amazing Features

Track how much time someone spends on your branded landing page and where they clicked.

Virtually Share

Easily stay in touch with the people. Set reminders for your next encounter.

Amazing Features

Optimize your messaging with real time performance Analytics & Stats.

Easy Social Sharing

A BiiCard functions like a mobile landing page for your brand.

Amazing Features

Highlight your products, showcase your stunning photos and embed videos all on one easy to view card.

Relationship Management

No special app required a to view, save, forward or engage with your card.

Amazing Features

Anywhere you can post and share a web URL, you can post and share your digital card.

Quickly Find and Connect

QR Codes make “face to face” sharing efficient and print applications a breeze.

Amazing Features

Add your most important contact information into the CRM system with just a tap away.

Together We Are Mighty

A Be Remarkable Card is the right solution to improve and resolve your mission critical  communications and networking issues.

We Make Your life Easier

Ideal for fundraising, membership recruitments, advertising, marketing and promotion.

Track how much time they actually spent on your BeRemarkable Card and where they clicked.

Actions Matter

Be Remarkable, The Promise We Strive For

Our Enterprise Solutions

Nonprofits and social enterprises can benefit from our complete suite of solutions.

Be Remarkable Cards provide individuals and  organizations complete control of their brand and messaging in the marketplace, while simultaneously empowering employees , vendors and supports with the most effective mobile marketing technology in the world.

We all must optimize our digital touch points.

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